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Women in Leadership


Progress but not there yet

Women CEO Disparity

Increasing number of women CEOs but still far from ideal

The number of women CEOs at Fortune 500 companies was 4.9% in 2019, which has increased to 10.6% in 2023. Women CEOs at S&P 500 companies numbered at 2% in 2019 and increased to 8.2% in 2023.
As per the McKinsey ‘Women in Workplace 2023’ report, the number of women in C-suite has increased from 17% to 28%. There is significant improvement in the representation of women at VP and SVP levels too. Certainly, there are signs of progress for women in leadership roles. However, to achieve ideal levels of gender equality a lot more will have to be done.

As per Deloitte 2023 Women at Work report, 49% women in India feel that their organization’s commitment to supporting women has not increased over the past year. Also, as per the same report, 18% women in India feel that they have been excluded from informal interactions or conversations. To realize the benefits of women leaders is only possible when the environment is psychologically safe, supportive, and open to women.

Broken Rung of Leadership Pipeline

From glass ceilings, leaning in, to now the broken rung in the leadership pipeline for women

Broken Rung_1387928668.jpg

As per McKinsey, “This year, for every 100 men promoted from entry level to manager, companies promoted 87 women. As a result of this ‘broken rung’ women fall behind."

Chasing gender equality is not just about fairness but it is also important to improve business outcomes, workplace culture, teamwork, and bring about empathetic leadership. As per Forbes, "Companies with diverse boards of directors have been shown to outperform their competitors. The evidence has shown that the more diverse a board—in all forms—the better an organization performs overall.”

Our Value Proposition

Investing in building Women Leaders in India

Women in leadership signals that the organisation is serious about promoting diversity and thus automatically attracts high quality talent from a wider, more diverse talent pool. 

Corner Office is taking the lead to promote women in leadership through multiple initiatives and programs. Prioritizing women in leadership initiatives is not a choice for the corporate world but a necessity. For companies that want to build the workforce of the future, attract high quality talent, promote empathetic leadership styles, improve productivity, and drive innovation, this is a key focus area.

Women in Leadership Value Prop1183903175.jpg

Attract and hire the right leadership talent aligned to your organization and business landscape. Leaders who accelerate growth in a disruptive world.


Use assessments to find and develop Effective Leaders. Deep personality, behaviour and adaptability assessment reviews that look at multiple aspects of the individual.


Our leader mentor programs produce powerful personal and professional benchmarks. These leaders bring strategic, critical, visible transformation to the organization.


Initiatives that promote women in leadership. Women leaders improve overall business outcomes with their empathetic, conscious, open, and adaptive leadership style.

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