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Consulting & Law Firms

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Recruiting Effective Partners that enhance the firm's growth and legacy

Partnership Challenges

Making Partner - The psychological and functional complexities of a Partner role are immense

A Partner in a Consulting or Law firm is an all-encompassing role of a business developer, a thought leader, a practitioner, and a team builder with a great degree of execution excellence.
In some ways, a Partner has similar responsibilities as a CEO, such as growing the practice, grooming the team etc. But they also carry the added complexity of solving client problems across a variety of use cases straddling diverse industries. Whilst a CEO has the advantage of working in the same industry for many years before climbing to the top, the Partner role presents no such advantage.
As per Harvard Business Review, “there are few professional transformations quite as psychologically complex as the transformation to partner.” There is pressure to constantly strategize innovative solutions of the future and adapt emerging technologies to create a winning edge that are critical to winning & executing high value engagements.

Women in Consulting & Law Firms

Assessing potential Partners is a comprehensive evaluation process. Herminia Ibarra, the Professor of Organizational Behaviours at London Business School, studied 35 aspiring partners at several large professional services firms, and concluded that “creating a partner persona involves three tasks: observing role models, experimenting with possible selves, and evaluating their results.” One has to tick every box and demonstrate potential and long-term promise.

Our Value Proposition

Investing in building Effective Leaders at every stage

For firms, culturally there is a need to adapt across a wider ecosystem of Partners & Principals. Combining the unique strengths, working styles and personalities, the firm needs to work as a cohesive, collaborative unit with a common purpose of ensuring its success and delivering customer value.

Corner Office Advisors brings several use cases of building high performing and market leading practices in consulting and law firms. Our deep understanding and experience of transitioning Leaders, Partners & teams has helped firms realize inorganic growth, enhance perception, and improve market share.

Consulting, Lawyers, Partners
Consulting, Lawyers, Partners

Attract and hire the right leadership talent aligned to your organization and business landscape. Leaders who accelerate growth in a disruptive world.

Setting up for success - management consulting

Use assessments to find and develop Effective Leaders. Deep personality, behaviour and adaptability assessment reviews that look at multiple aspects of the individual.

Partnership, breaking the glass ceiling

Our leader mentor programs produce powerful personal and professional benchmarks. These leaders bring strategic, critical, visible transformation to the organization.

Women leaders

Initiatives that promote women in leadership. Women leaders improve overall business outcomes with their empathetic, conscious, open, and adaptive leadership style.

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