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Leadership Mentoring


From echo chambers to wisely mentored

Mentoring Improves Performance

Mentoring Support = Better CEO + Better Performance

Research shows that CEOs that get good mentoring support demonstrate better results. Harvard Business Review surveyed 45 CEOs who had formal mentoring arrangements and it found that 71% CEOs said company performance definitely improved because of the mentoring support, 69% said it helped them make better decisions, and 76% felt that mentoring helped them fulfil stakeholder expectations in a more capable manner.


Most importantly, 84% CEOs felt that mentoring helped them avoid costly mistakes and become proficient in their roles faster.

Lonely at the top

Mentoring, Lonely at the top

A great need for leadership mentoring is the loneliness at the top. CEOs on one hand are at risk of being caught up in an echo chamber. On the other hand, it might be difficult for them to discuss problems with the Board or the Chairman.
The result is that CEOs shoulder their burdens alone. This builds more pressure for the CEO and can negatively impact performance. In such situations, CEOs need an external mentor to lean on and learn from. Structured mentoring sessions can greatly lighten the load and also bring in greater open mindedness, new perspectives, and enthusiasm to try new things.

Growth requires new skills & talents

What got you at the top, may not be enough to keep you there

When CEOs take charge of a company, often, the transition happens at a time when the company is undergoing massive changes. The CEO is required to act decisively in many high stakes situations s/he has never encountered before. These can include the need to enter new markets, or prioritizing cost cutting initiatives, business transformation, or being the public face of the company during a crisis etc.

A lot more might be required for him/her to meet the situational, management and interpersonal demands. In such situations, leaders feel a need to learn, discuss, connect, with a mentor who has leadership experience.

Mentoring for Growth

Our Value Proposition

Corner Office Advisors Managing Partners are experienced leadership mentors. We help the CEO gain seasoned counsel and feedback. This results in greater confidence to take bold decisions and improve performance. The mentor works as a guide and counsel. Playing different roles, sometimes as a fly on the wall, an observer and confidante who shares a common development goal.
We help organizations blueprint a leadership success model. This takes into account current and future business priorities. It also incorporates performance standards seen today and expected in future. We believe, this helps to enable leaders to understand in-depth the business and cultural challenges while overcoming them at each transition.

Leadership Success Model, mentoring
mentorinfg for success

Attract and hire the right leadership talent aligned to your organization and business landscape. Leaders who accelerate growth in a disruptive world.

Standing out, reaching for success, mentor, mentorship

Use assessments to find and develop Effective Leaders. Deep personality, behaviour and adaptability assessment reviews that look at multiple aspects of the individual.

mentoring for growth

Our leader mentor programs produce powerful personal and professional benchmarks. These leaders bring strategic, critical, visible transformation to the organization.

women leaders need mentors

Initiatives that promote women in leadership. Women leaders improve overall business outcomes with their empathetic, conscious, open, and adaptive leadership style.

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