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We are Leadership Advisors to over 100 Boards & CEOs

About us

We help build Effective Leadership teams at different stages of business

Corner Office Advisors is a leading Leadership Advisory brand in India. We specialize in leadership advisory whilst we think, approach, and respond like management consultants. With close to two decades of experience, we deliver success at incubation, growth, and transformation journeys of our customers.

Our engagements centre on realizing leadership potential via personality, behaviour and adaptability assessment reviews, Board/CXO/Partner search, and CEO/CXO mentoring. We support organizations and their leadership with the tools and insights to unlock their potential and accelerate change.

Corner Office Advisors

In 2019, only 4.9% of Fortune 500 CEOs and 2% of S&P 500 CEOs were women. In 2023, women lead only 10.6% Fortune 500 and 8.2% of S&P 500 companies. As per Forbes, "Companies with diverse boards of directors have been shown to outperform their competitors.”

Corner Office is taking the lead to support women in leadership through multiple initiatives and programs. We are passionate because we believe having more women in leadership improves multiple outcomes across the organization.



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Our Work

Trusted leadership advisory partner for the C-suite

We partner with Indian and global business leaders to solve their most pressing leadership challenges and unlock their highest growth potential. We combine deep industry and functional knowledge with a proven executive search and assessment methodology to help you identify “effective” board members, CEOs and leadership teams.


Most organizations look for executives with a proven capability to lead in a disruptive, volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment. Identifying and attracting flexible and innovative talent requires a rigorous approach.

Our proprietary CECE framework holistically aligns and calibrates a potential leader’s background, experience, values, and capabilities to the organization’s ask. It helps establish the right synergies and fit. Our network of ambitious leaders shape the future instead of being shaped by it.  

Our experience-driven, research-based, and scientific approach is transformational, empowering and benefits all stakeholders. Our strategies are impact driven and context specific.

We are sector-agnostic, with use cases delivered across a wide range of business segments:

•    Private Equity
•    Enterprise
•    Mid-Market & Family-run Businesses
•    Consulting & Law Firms

We help organizations stay relevant and remain future ready. We work with brands across sectors i.e., Financial Services, Consumer, Industrial/Auto, Hi-Tech, Healthcare and Lifesciences, Energy & Resources.


Our specialization includes global opportunities across Deep-Tech, ESG, and Generative AI. The cornerstone of our success builds on consistently exceptional experiences delivered through high quality engagements served with agility and accuracy.

Corner Office Advisors


Seasoned and experienced leadership team

Our partners bring years of corporate leadership experience and can understand the problem statement and lead each solution to success. 

Corner Office Advisors


Managing Partner

Punit Vanvaria is a strategic leader who turned entrepreneur in 2006 after a 9-year stint with Microsoft, where he led marketing, business operations & strategy and incubation & turnaround. At Corner Office Advisors Punit spends his time advising and mentoring CEOs. He is also recognised as a credible personality assessor. Punit is very passionate about developing effective leadership teams and the inclusion of Women in Leadership.

Corner Office Advisors

Damini Tandan

Managing Partner

Damini is a professional services entrepreneur with over 20 years in technology, PR marketing services and leadership advisory. In 2003, she pioneered technical and business writing & editing in India with the launch of her first venture, Writers Anonymous. She has been recognised as “Women Entrepreneur of the Year” by Silicon India. At Corner Office Advisors, Damini focuses on business operations, leveraging technology to deliver the best customer experience. She is passionate about introducing new offerings that align with our culture of building “Effective Leadership” teams.

Corner Office Advisors

Sanjiv Mathur


Sanjiv Mathur, a seasoned corporate leader with 22 years of experience joined Corner Office Advisors as Director in 2009. He has held leadership roles for over a decade with Microsoft, Oracle and Wipro. Sanjiv is a trusted coach who focuses on delivering customized and innovative solutions across the leadership pyramid. 

Corner Office Advisors

Attract and hire the right leadership talent aligned to your organization and business landscape. Leaders who accelerate growth in a disruptive world.

Corner Office Advisors

Use assessments to find and develop Effective Leaders. Deep personality, behaviour and adaptability assessment reviews that look at multiple aspects of the individual.

Corner Office Advisors

Our leader mentor programs produce powerful personal and professional benchmarks. These leaders bring strategic, critical, visible transformation to the organization.

Corner Office Advisors

Initiatives that promote women in leadership. Women leaders improve overall business outcomes with their empathetic, conscious, open, and adaptive leadership style.

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